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Artist of the Month: Lucia Pec

I'm so grateful that I recently stumbled upon the soothing work of nature artist Lucia Pec through a fellow nature lover, Manya Cherabuddi. Lucia lives part time in the bohemian forest Mountains in Czech Republic and at the Costa Vicentina in southwest Portugal with her husband Harald and two doggie Girls Mara and Folina.

She sees herself as "a child of mother earth, a part of nature and this universe, a creative conscious being." One can immediately feel her love for nature seeing the land art she makes with found natural materials.

Her artistic journey started about 20 years ago, when she was studying biology and went on a course about forestry. That is when she discovered the land art of Andy Goldsworthy, her greatest Inspiration. 10 years later, she started making ephemeral art from ocean litter that she picked up on Portuguese beaches in combination with natural material. There's been no looking back since.

Lucia's work consists of rearranging pieces of nature for a very short time and "collaborating with nature's beauty", as she puts it. "I make art because I feel a strong urge to do it. If my art can touch people, reach their hearts in any way, I am very grateful," says Lucia. When she's not making art, she is a mindful nature guide who offers magic creative nature retreats in Portugal and Czech Republic.

I invite you to experience her beautiful, earthy work below:

Follow Lucia's meditative nature art, on Instagram, Facebook or her website.


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