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Artist Showcase: Andrea Monterrosas and her love affair with India

"My relationship and admiration for India and its culture, started when I was a 14 year old teenager, after watching a Bollywood video on YouTube, it was Aaja Nachle with Madhuri Dixit. Soon I wanted to know not only about the Indian film industry but also about its culture, its people, its traditions, its landscapes and everything that makes up this wonderful country.

When I started my degree in Visual Arts, I mixed my studies with my love for India and that culminated in research on cinema and illustrations mainly inspired by Indian miniatures. With the help of my illustrations and using an Instagram account, I share the art and culture of India with the people of my country. My goal is to get more Mexicans to know and get closer to India because I consider that both cultures and countries are similar and we do not know it."

-Andrea Monterrosas

Follow Andrea's India explorations on Instagram @anmonterrosasstudio


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