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Artist Showcase: Dawei Wang

Born in Shanghai and currently based out of New York, Dawei Wang is a master at visual storytelling with colour pencils, ink wash and mixed media. He grew up doodling on the walls of his family home in China since the age of five, and was sent to art school to receive a formal education in the arts. Art school changed his life, and made everything a potential subject in his work. But no matter what the subject may be, there is a sense of calm and awe in his work. This is particularly so in the colour pencil works created over the pandemic, often depicting solitude and stillness.

Emotive and powerful, here are some of Dawei's works created over the years that we immediately fell in love with:

Bar, 2021

Mirror, 2021

Solitude, 2021

Travelers a, 2020

Baseball and Sunbath, 2019

Eclipse, 2018

Church, 2017

Barbershop, 2016-2017

Resting worker, 2016

Dinner, 2015

Dance b, 2014

Good morning, Ancestors, 2013

Dinner, 2013


Follow his work on Instagram @wangdawei_109 and visit the website for all his works from 2009-2021

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Vinay Tandon
Vinay Tandon
Oct 29, 2021

Haunting Beauties

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