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Artist Showcase: Ishita Jain

"I am Ishita, an illustrator and designer from Delhi, India though I am currently based in New York. I love to draw on location and never leave the house without a sketchbook. I familiarize myself with new people, places and feelings through drawing. My work is inspired by day-to-day life, happenings around town and the wonder that comes from being around nature.

These particular pieces were imagined around last Diwali (a time when I am always homesick) and were painted slowly and lovingly during the winter months. Winter outfits are quite drab here and I miss my wardrobe of rich and colourful Indian textiles. I am currently in New York and winter and the reduced daylight it brings is always a tough adjustment. This is the time when I part ways with my outdoor drawing practise and sit and paint more intentionally on my desk. Every season brings its own adjustments- trees shed their leaves, nature slows down and I abandon my quick, hurried paintings for slower strokes.

Here are some of this winters' paintings inspired by textiles, patterns, colours, light and memories that I frequently miss."

-Ishita Jain

Follow Ishita's work on Instagram, her website and Tumblr.


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