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Artist of the Month: Malathi Jogi

Updated: May 28, 2020

I'm absolutely honoured to be sharing the works of my new favorite Instagram artist: Malathi Jogi.

Thrilled to feature her as the Artist of the Month:

Why I draw:

I love making stuff. I think I'm closest to myself when I'm creating something and a bulk of that happens via drawing. I enjoy the process a lot - letting an idea, an image, a word settle in my head, turning it over and over, connecting it to who I am and what the world is, and playing with colour, texture, movement, and light. It's like a vast, thriving forest to me, and I love wandering in it. I tend towards perfecting processes and structures in my life - and drawing is the one space I feel free to allow myself to play without demanding anything from the outcome.  It's a way of introspecting, making meaning, and building hope. In hindsight, I think my work is me leaving little notes for myself.

Style and approach:

My style keeps changing but it almost always revolves around women, feelings, and colour. I enjoy working with words, so they show up often in my work. I'm very interested in seeing how our inner lives show up in the outside world. This is a recurring theme in my work too.

My approach is...impulsive? I treat drawing as play/practice/experimentation and don't care too much for technique and perfection. I like to goof around with some of my favourite things (dance, flowers, fashion, braids, poetry) and let feeling and intuition guide me. 

-Malathi Jogi

Follow Malathi's work here.


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