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Artist Showcase: Pauline Di Valentin

"I make ink drawings on paper depicting architectures lost in the middle of abundant vegetation. I studied graphic design at Auguste Renoir (Paris) then joined ESAD in Reims. My drawings are largely inspired by cinema and photography and are like so many stills, leaving the scene in suspension and the viewer in suspense, free to imagine before and after.

The ink, diluted, faded, allows marbled effects, transparencies or gradients. And it is mainly in a palette of pinks and greens that the architectural and vegetal universe of these imaginary places are diffused in the paper. From one image to another, we find a resonance, between the varieties of plants and trees, the architectures, the colors, the objects, the characters who seem to respond to each other.

The architectures and the interiors send us back once to Italy, another to Japan or even to California, but these are atmospheres that I try to produce through all these scenes. We can sometimes feel a tension there, a moment of shift in the scene which then opens us to the narrative aspect that I love."

- Pauline Di Valentin




Follow Pauline's work on Instagram @p_di_v or her website


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