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Artist Showcase: Rohit Karandadi

Glimpses of everyday Goan life from Rohit Karandadi's animated short Modo De Vida: A Goan Sketchbook. The film has received the Audience Award at the Paris International Animation Film Festival (PIAFF).

A note from Rohit on his relationship with Goa and the film:

“Living in Goa, day in, day out, is vastly different from a visitor’s perspective which revolves around the fulcrum of touristic activities. Slow-paced living, a major characteristic of life here, allowed me the time to appreciate the spaces I inhabited and have deeper connections with the people I shared them with. I shifted to Goa from Ahmedabad in 2016 and brought with me my habit of keeping visual diaries. My sketches over the years became the seed for Modo De Vida, a small capture of today’s Goan life that one can keep with them for years to come”

Hope these delightful clips and stills from the film inspire you today. I love the colours so much!


You can reach out to Rohit on Instagram @rkarandadi to watch the full film.


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