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Artist of the Month: Saheli Khastagir

Updated: May 28, 2020

About the paintings:

"When I started painting, I painted only the most disturbing and murky parts of and around me. Once I got that out of the I mostly paint what moves me and makes me loosen the edges of my self. And for the last few years, it has been the vast dramatic skies and seascapes of Southern and Midwest United States, my love for and sense of connection with the femmes in my life, being with my beloved ("gift of the woods", "magnolias" , "window to my spring") and a new appreciation + understanding of my cultural that's what these paintings are about."

My relationship with art:

"I paint because I have to! I can't stop. Thankfully I have a "profession" that I love that lets me make money, so my relationship with art is not influenced by that need...but I do identify as an "artist" and approach life with that lens, and the only expectation I have when I am in front of a canvas is to make better art than I did the day before...which is to say, to lose myself in the act a bit more than I did the day before."

gift of the woods
we are all made of the same stuff
free like the water
crossroads of confusion
these sunset skies stir me
dream workspace
imposing structures

Follow Saheli's artistic explorations here.


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