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Artist Showcase: Saleheh Kamalzadeh

"My name is Saleheh Kamalzadeh. I hold a bachelor's degree in textile design and print from Alzahra University and a master's degree in the same major from the University of Science and Culture. I have been working as a textile designer for about 13 years. Textile design has always been my main preoccupation in life, and I have always seized every opportunity to learn more and become more professional. I am also really interested in illustration, and all my illustrations feature my own motifs.

I have been producing different products since 2009 and selling them on Instagram and other websites under the brand name Morghak. I have also been teaching textile design for about six years, first at university and online since the COVID-19 outbreak. I recently moved to Istanbul." -Textile designer and illustrator Saleheh Kamalzadeh

Follow Saleheh Kamalzadeh on Instagram @salehekamalzadeh

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