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Begin Again by Vidhi Pandit

Art by Octave Denis Victor Guillonnet

Begin Again

Take 2 cups of longing

and set it to dry.

Make sure it's unadulterated.

Marinate 100 grams of secrets

with hung dreams.

Make sure they're juicy.

Brew a bowl full of songs

that define you.

Make sure they're handpicked.

Chop some relationships, memories and habits and set aside.

Make sure they're all home-grown.

Take a pan and toss the above in

2 tablespoons of insecurities, on medium flame. Sprinkle some smiles and stir slow.

Melt one heart full of love and pour it all in. Make sure it's pure.

Stir well again.

As soon as the broth boils,

add 3 generous helpings of care and time. Make sure it's all organic.

Next, take 1 virginity, peel it off completely, grind it well and add.

Make sure it's crisp and raw.

Finally, add all that's left of your soul and

let it stew.

Keep some anxiety handy for aroma.

Garnish with grated integrity and belonging. Add poetic zest to taste.

Serve warm.

Wait until they burp,

and leave.

Wash the plate with salty water.

Feel that thing hurting the insides of your ribs. Let it choke your chest.

Allow it to explode.

The next day,

begin again.

Vidhi is a proud mom to labradors Jelly and Don, 18 indoor plants, and her 68-year-old Papa. She spends a lot of time with 10-year-olds, urging them to think and write creatively; but it's mostly her who ends up learning a lot from them. Thinking of pizza and annoying her partner are two of her favourite pursuits when she's not penning poems, sitting at a corner table, in a cozy, unpopular cafe. Read more of her work on Medium and Instagram.


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