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Collection of Memories by Avani Dwivedi

"Collection of Memories is an album of mundane activities that I’ve enjoyed as a kid and in the fear of forgetting them in the midst of my life, I wanted to treasure them in this series.

When I started working on these illustrations, I was in quarantine in my tiny apartment in New York far away from my family and I couldn’t help but think of all the times I've spent as a kid with my brother, running around, making paper boats and sailing them in small monsoon ponds or the pleasure of eating cold ice kulfi on a hot summer afternoon. When I look back at these nostalgic sentiments, I feel the distance between me and my home getting closer. I hope this series brings you bliss, warmth and nostalgia for childhood, as it did for me." 

-Avani Dwivedi

Avani Dwivedi is a storyteller and an illustrator based in New York. She grew up in Mumbai, India and later on she moved to the States to pursue her passion of becoming an artist. Much of her work is inspired by exploring the ideas of art, identity and experiences collected while growing up in India. While she is creating her illustrations, she tries to incorporate those experiences in the form of textures and colors. 

You can find her work on her website or Instagram.


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