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Cyanotype Prints by Prajvi Mandhani

"I love experimenting with materials and giving them an independent role in the creation of my artworks. My methods may often seem destructive or irrational to a stranger, but most of the time I manage to find a method in all my beloved madness.

Cyanotype Printing is a form of sun-printing that provides an abundance of unpredictability. I use a range of household chemicals like lemon, or vinegar, along with the cyanotype chemicals to take the exposures.  Once the print sits in the sun I take a stand back and allow the materials to lead the show. I see the process of cyanotype printing as an interaction between me and nature with the final prints being a manifestation of the same.  There exists a polarity in the way I  approach the process, either through a disciplined and methodical route or a crazy and chaotic route. For me, the key to successful cyanotype printing is finding a balance between the two."

-Prajvi Mandhani

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