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Dear Winter Lover by Smrithi Amarendran

A winter's day in Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu shot by Smrithi Amarendran

Dear Winter Lover

“The thing that nobody tells you

about Joy is that there is very little

pleasure in seeking it.”1

But here we are searching

for that one moment of pure joy

instead of a lifetime of sorrow

Through the fog sashaying–

a filigreed curtain hugging our

deep-lashed paths…

…Songs of Raja tak-tak-tak-ed

left, right, left –together–

a magical aural coitus

We walk arm-in-arm, the bard’s

intimate whispers envelope

into a hearth of want…

Dear winter lover,

What do you say we

look into each other’s eyes

Searching, becoming

a collegial sugar treat

despite the curse of rot

our worn, warm hands

intertwined, the sun now jaded

with our dawdle for change

Maybe it is written

with words conjured

from my poet heart

that we push aside doubt

brave this winter together

look for hope in the darkest nights

And all that we mourn

we mourn across this

emotional wasteland

will be worth that one

moment of pure joy

in this deep blue sea of winter

About the poem:

‘Dear Winter Lover’ is a letter to who one was. It tries to draw parallels between the beauty of winter and the relationships we share with another or oftentimes with ourselves in trying to find hope and beauty even in the darkest of times, even when we are trying to fight our mind, heart or change just to find that one moment of happiness that makes the sadness seem worthwhile.

About the poet:

Smrithi is a self-taught designer who likes to get lost in book stacks for inspiration that she imbues in her work and thought process. When not working, she moonlights as a writer and doodler who likes to investigate matters of the mind and world at large through words and visual notes. Instagram: @smrithiamarendran Twitter: @smrithi26 Blog:


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