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December Haiku by Anam Tariq

Art by Willard LeRoy Metcalf

Murky winter night- gazing at the veiled white moon

shadows shiver on glass pane


A snow soft blanket

clasping an enchanting read

the winters are spent


A lightened market-

misty breath blends, I dream of

snowy winter fests

About the poet: Anam Tariq did her M.A. in English from Aligarh Muslim University (AMU). Alongside being a poet, she aspires to have a career in the academic field and is currently teaching English part-time. Her poems have appeared in the Women’s College Magazine (at AMU), poetry anthologies Going Off The Grid and India Without A Mask: The Poetics & Politics Of The Pandemic, INKochi Cultural eMagazine, The Punch Magazine, on Live Wire and elsewhere. You can find her on Instagram @anam.tariq_


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