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Eternal Winter by Samadrita Ghosh

Artwork by Sanath Kumar B S

Eternal Winter by Samadrita Ghosh

To me, the cold is warmer than the sun

For in the mountains of eternal winter

I found countless homes

But in one little shed by the valley,

I left myself and brought back a shell

So I could write about the mountains

Like I'll never touch the cold again

The fresh air, the moss

The gold in the leaves

And the never forgotten loss

These are the only places for me

Even if just on paper and prose

But the wind consoles me

And steals away my pieces

From the places I tread upon-

The frivolous cells of my skin

And the mist of my hesitant breath

Have become the cold sigh of the mountains

I am scattered like chaos. I am everywhere

About the poet:

Samadrita is a poet and writer based in Kolkata, India. Her work explores themes of self-discovery, travel, mortality, coming-of-age, and romance. Follow her on Instagram @yeh_sama or connect with her the old-school way on

About the artist:

Sanath Kumar B S is part teacher (physicist) and part artist who is equally passionate about physics and art. As an artist, he focuses on impressionism and realism. He believes that painting landscapes brings people closer to nature and appreciate its beauty even more. You can find him on Instagram @sanath01.


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