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Feline Morning by Athira Unni

Art by Spencer Gore

Feline Morning

feeling mauve this morning

the sound of my cat heard

through walls is mauve in

color: his paintbrush tail

a remnant of a freer, longer

haired past, mine and his

wet-nosed thoughts enter

traveling via singing arteries

reminiscing Kishore Kumar

and his purring voice, I wake

to a round-faced furry sun—

there isn't much to do but stroke his fur: this, a feline morning

Athira Unni is the author of Gaea and Other Poems (2020). Her poetry has been published by Madras Courier,  The Sunflower Collective, Sheila-na-gig Under 30, Delhi Poetry Slam and is forthcoming in Paper Dragon. She lives on coffee and thunderstorms. Check out her blog here.


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