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Fractured Figures by Geetanjali Dhalia

Artwork: Reality by Riddhi Desai

I see a familiar face tonight,

Standing before me, she cries.

Broken into several pieces,

Only I see her helplessness.

In the daylight, she was a rock,

At twilight she rested like silt.

While she strips-off her adamant self

Only I see her confidence wilt.

A body that radiated confidence,

Seemed destroyed by self-defiance.

Lying dead on charred fears,

She shows me how she consumes her tears.

Weeping and squalling,

She seeks some help.

Looks deep into her empty soul,

Scrounging for her morning- self.

Then she cuts through the skin of her spirit,

And streams out vexation and guilt.

I see the lifeless joy that wreathes,

A scarred life, a broken dream and a smile

that sheaths.

Then I couldn't take it anymore,

She was destroying me.

I stepped back in withdrawal,

And so did she.

I fling a stone at her,

And the mirror cracks down.

Now, no more shall I see ,

My fractured self, post-dawn.

Read Geetanjali's writing on her blog here. Follow Riddhi's art at @tinyfarmstudio.


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