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Fragments of the Taj - Akshay Gururaj

"Most photographs of the Taj, when seen/searched online, seemed to have an element of symmetry attached to it. And it really bothered me that I had to rummage a bunch of select blogs, almost none, which cover other aspects of the Taj Mahal.

In this series Fragments of the Taj, my idea was to deconstruct the symmetry and present parts of the monument in a different manner. I did not enter the complex with this in mind. When I reached there early morning, there were barely any tourists. My initial excitement soon died when I looked through some of the images I had shot and realized that they don't look unique in any way. I decided to go back and start again, shooting photographs that were symmetrical and asymmetrical, while still maintaining the wonder the monument evokes."

-Akshay Gururaj


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