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Goodbye 2018: Depressing Fridge Poems

Rusty Epstein, the sad genius behind Depressing Fridge Poems, took out time from making sardonic poems using fridge magnets and answered some questions about 2018/2019:

What's the nicest thing you did for someone in 2018?

I didn’t force my friends to pay $8 to see my Improv 101 show.

Has 2018 been a good year for you in terms of productivity and creativity? What all did you work on this year?

There have been ups and downs! I worked on some digital sketches, started improv, wrote some okay fridge poems.

Which film that you saw this year changed something in you?

THE FAVOURITE. Emma Stone is my favorite sociopath.

Which song/s did you listen to on loop this year?

Goose Snow Cone by Aimee Mann and (recently) the soundtrack to Mary Poppins Returns.

Best book you read this year?

Tin Man by Sarah Winman

Do you have a depressing fridge poem that represents 2018 for you?

What's your 2018 takeaway?

Republicans have sold out their country.

What's 2019 looking like for you? What are your goals/plans/dreams for the year ahead?

Well, I’m going into 2019 unemployed, so finding a job would be a start.

Follow Rusty's depressing fridge poems here.


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