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Goodbye, 2018: Kathrin Honesta

Wrapping up the Goodbye, 2018 interview series with Kathrin Honesta, an Indonesian illustration whose dreamy style is constantly a pick me up. I feel like the characters she imagines (especially in the Solitude Girls series) and gives shape to and her colour palette and style have made her a regular feature on The Alipore Post for a while now.

She filled me in on her 2018 experience in this short and sweet interview:

What's the nicest thing you did for someone in 2018?

To always be there when my loved ones need me.

Has 2018 been a good year for you in terms of productivity and creativity? What all did you work on this year?

I did a lot of exciting projects; I published an illustrated poetry art book called The Petite World and finished three picture books this year, one of which will be published at the beginning of February 2019. Pretty excited about this one!

Which film that you saw this year changed something in you?

Studio Ghibli's My Neighbour Totoro

Which song/s did you listen to on loop this year?

I listened to a lot of Lo-fi tracks this year, mostly while working, especially Floppy Circus and Joey Pecoraro. Also Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga's collab album Cheek To Cheek.

Best book you read this year?

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini.

A few words to sum up 2018?

This one is really hard! 2018 was a pretty great year, I couldn't sum it well, but I guess this illustration could represent what 2018 been like to me:

What's your 2018 takeaway?

Not too sure, right now. Time will tell.

In 2018 I learned that I need to step out of my comfort zone. I learned to be free from the boxes I put for myself; both personally & through my works.

What's 2019 looking like for you? What are your goals/plans/dreams for the year ahead?

I’m hopeful for 2019. I have no solid plans yet, as that's just how freelancers rolls anyway. But I do have some mini goals aside from my personal project. I really want to publish a new story book this year. So fingers crossed on that!

Follow Kathrin's work here.


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