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Guneharwalle: Rohini Kejriwal

"I have a special connection to Himachal Pradesh - it is where I find myself, every time I visit. One of my favorite places to revisit is a little hamlet named Gunehar, where a German-Bengali man named Frank Schlichtmann has set up an artist residency space, cafe, hotel, and filled the village with art! In June, 2019, I returned to Gunehar to experience the ShopArt ArtShop, a month-long residency that takes place every three years and culminates in a week-long exhibition of the works created.

By searching for art in hidden, faraway corners, I experienced parts of Gunehar I hadn’t in my past four trips. I was charmed by the infectious energy and beauty of the villagers, especially during the night of the showcase, where all the beautiful Guneharwalle dressed up and filled the village square. This series is for the people of Gunehar."

-Rohini Kejriwal

Follow Rohini's photography explorations on @woohoochild


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