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Images of Punjabi Winter by Vijeta Budhiraja

Photograph by Huzaifa Waheed

Images of Punjabi Winter

Winter’s wetness,

the cold knifes

the face.

Sun’s warmth

permeates the skin,

heats the bone.

Toasty delight circles inside.

Yellow flatbread,

rounded under palms,

the ghee-roasted makai,

charred, crisp, softened,

under lumpy, snowy makhan,

henna-coloured sarson,

mound of gandas for the side,

with tall brass of salty lassi,

as browned jeera,

tempered mirchi,

swim atop the frothy white.

Smoky words occur

from the succour

of the rajai.

Home, comfort, snug joy.

About the poet:

Vijeta Budhiraja is a Ph.D Scholar in the Department of English and Cultural Studies at Punjab University, Chandigarh. Her research focuses on the representations of Punjab in cinema.


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