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Instead i take an aspirin by Darshita Jain

Art by Georges Rouault

Instead i take an aspirin I often get headaches meaning holding back tears meaning learning to act, getting better everyday 

meaning stretching my lips in a line longer than they are happy with meaning keeping quiet 

meaning not saying i love you meaning not asking you why meaning wondering the million possibilities your silence can stretch into meaning to try and defy gravity meaning knowing i will fail 

               knowing i will fall 

meaning baby, let yourself be held meaning you can let it go meaning you can fall too, let’s fall together 

meaning nothing is worth letting your body turn into a haunted house 

whispering repeating crying out trauma after trauma ; not even yours meaning you can lean - someone will catch you                                       If they don't , you will learn to fold

                                      and curl ; unfold meaning let yourself be loved meaning i can love you meaning i do. 

meaning let me shout it out learn to catch learn to fall your body is meant to be held let me try. let me cry.

Check out Darshita's writing here / Instagram.


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