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It's really cold just before the spring. Keep going! by Shubhshree Mathur

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

This is a visual art series documenting people I spotted during last winter amidst COVID surge.

It has people from different walks of life, occupations, family situations etc coping with life during COVID.

About the artist:

Shubhshree Mathur is a visual storyteller and design educator from Kota, Rajasthan currently based in Bangalore. She is a tea lover, bibliophile and as outgoing as a house plant. She predominantly uses visual and text together to create meaning and conversations from the mundane around her. Binging on childhood nostalgia, her personal context finds refuge in things like the mango tree in her backyard, clothes pinned on the terrace or 7yr old pair of bathroom slippers. This kind of vernacular associations make her work relatable. Her industry experience of 7-8 years has also seen her delve into research, branding and writing. She hopes to write and make her own books someday!

You can follow her work on her website or Instagram @shubhshree_mathur


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