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Kaviya Sekar's Illustrations on Photographs

"This series was a product of a lot of time during the pandemic and my recent fascination with mixed media. Pretty mundane places can look and feel surreal when you look twice. I attempt to capture this with photographs during those evening walks and drives to have as a keepsake and to remember. 

During the quarantine, this, mixed with the longing to actually be out, I started imagining people in these places and doodle these imaginary people. It was just a way for me to romanticise the world outside the four walls and to commemorate life as it once was."

-Kaviya Sekar

Kaviya Sekar is a self-taught illustrator whose dream project would involve children's book illustrations. 

Follow Kaviya's lovely art on her website or Instagram.


Mick Frank
Mick Frank
Jan 17

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Billi Jean
Billi Jean
Jan 06

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