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Limericks by Vishal Katariya

Art by Hendrick ter Brugghen

  1. A limerick is meant to incite a laugh Not be full of melancholy chaff If it fails to amuse Refuses to cure blues What makes it different from a paragraph?

  2. it needs to be alphanumeric possibly, wee esoteric not password one two three that’s too weak a key youll be hacked by a luddite bolshevik

  3. the nucleus has a proton one of two quarks does it spawn up, down, bottom, strange top, charm thus arrange to form the world we live on

  4. A friend sits in a huge hall The volume of his snoring does appall From this wall to that Eighty decibels flat Holds all the class in eager thrall

  5. There was once a man called C. Darwin Who saw on an isle a small puffin With a loud and green beak Emitting a telltale squeak “Kin of my sis!“, he said with a grin

  6. Into the kitchen to make some food An air of aplomb I did exude Mum said, ”have a care and don’t burn your hair” That’s precisely what happened, how rude

  7. is that a bird? is that a plane? no! it’s a caped man with a mane he asks, what’s so weird to be sporting a beard “oh, it’ll tickle while kissing lois lane”

  8. my primary occupation is getting lost random people in my way do i accost do i go left? do i go right? oh, do i follow the light? sigh, wish i could do it as well as Frost

  9. if you can't make it as a 'rick chef go the way of the roman a clef you don't need no kung fu just rhyme lines five and two if it doesn't work, say wtf Vishal curates a great newsletter called Kat's Kable. You can also find him on Instagram.


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