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Lingering Winter by Aishwarya Shrivastav

Art by Anushree Gogirwar

Lingering Winter


The cold

doesn't swallow itself

Sometimes the tongue feels foreign in my own mouth once it has been in someone else's


New Years slip in new ones

Old fingerprints stuck on them

I can't wriggle free of a hand too soon

I feel weird wanting to stay

No one stays long enough anymore


I don't remember being loved

as much as I remember being understood

Returning to a warm bed after a long winter

Unkempt litter of stale passion

Lovers have left the room but love didn't


I boil flowers and drink them alone

A flowery sweet language is an ambitious dream

But how do I write about a garden

With a graveyard in my mouth

Like flowers die every day and there's no mourning

No funeral of ordinary deaths


Dreams flow like drying rivers

Less staying power

Corrode, implode or thrown at crossroads

An expensive lust to settle down

Looking like a shambled run


Each sunrise is a new day

Moon overstays even after the sun has occupied her space

Like life, seasons are never empty clear

A transit of moving stars

Departures in bits

Overlapping remains of the days.

About the artist:

I am Anushree Gogirwar, an animator and Illustrator. I am mildly obsessed with coffee and love telling stories. I find joy in small things around me from the rumbling of leaves to sunlight on cold cloudy days and try my best to bring those small joys in my work as well. You can follow me on Instagram @anushree.gogirwar

About the poet:

Aishwarya is a writer who loves color yellow, old monuments, books and documenting history of all kinds. You can read some of my work here: or follow her on Instagram for poems and her future work at @cosmo_rani


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