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Mother by Shruti Sonal

My mother doesn't speak much,

But smiles, smiles a lot. 

She gets awkward when I hug her

But sends a good morning text with ten flower emojis

My mother struggles to be angry

Choosing, instead, to stare into the distance 

She owns probably just five pair of earrings

But gets immensely happy after buying fresh green vegetables

She has never been out of the country,

And has never seen the beach

But finds solace in balconies. 

She likes to keep windows open,

And make tea for the maid sometimes

She says writers tend to live in their own world sometimes,

And politics is all about making false promises the loudest

She can't understand why anybody would like KFC 

When they can have chicken curry

My mother, 

Has been battling cancer for years now

But tells me to follow my dreams

To see countries, and mountains, and beaches 

And I wish I could tell her,

That on some days,

I'd rather watch her quietly sip tea,

Than be in any other place across the seas.

Shruti's poems can be found on Instagram.


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