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My Oldest Lover by Kriti Das

Art by William Steig

My Oldest Lover

Today I love myself

A little more vehemently

With a little less inhibition.

Without looking left and right.

I’m right in the middle.

I strip in broad daylight now.

The curtains are drawn to let the light in

It's only happenstance that lets your sight in.

There's nothing to see here other than

A girl tracing scars

in the name of counting stars.

I spent all of last night awake on my terrace

To see if I could spot anything in the night sky

As bright as these chinks of light.

At daybreak, I looked to the east

And in my hubris, forgot to shield my eyes.

I must apologize to my neighbors

For the sudden burst of sunlight

I accidentally sent their way, today.

The sun hadn't been teased so, in a while.

So, I spent the afternoon writing my name

In all of my diaries.

When they finally break my door open

To let my ghost out

They will know I take full responsibility

For my words.

I will have died with a pen in my hand

Signing off a letter to my oldest lover.

"Dear K,

Open the door.

They're coming

To read your poems."

About the poet:

Kriti is a doctor by day, sometimes night, and a poet all the time.


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