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My thoughts are as reluctant as me, to get out of home, this winter by Supriya Char

Art by Taarini Goyal

My thoughts are as reluctant as me, to get out of home, this winter

My thoughts are as reluctant as me, to get out of home, this winter

They'd much rather huddle up under a quilt,

With wool beanies and a mug of hot chocolate for company.

They could be coaxed into talking, perhaps.

Maybe if they could sit in front of a warm, cozy fireplace in a cabin far away from it all.

With mountains peeking from square windows behind.

Maybe it's snowing.

Maybe then, they'd blow off the dust from an old dog-eared book

And turn over an old, yellowed page.

Then and only then maybe,

They'd read out loud, stories of an old love.

And just like that, these thoughts would get up and dance in their socks again.

But for now, all they can think of are old, worn-out tea-stained sweatshirts,

The quiet of the day and the quiet of the night,

And songs that warm up the soul from within.

My thoughts... they're homebodies.

Just like me

They're reluctant to get out of home, this winter.

About the artwork:

"I saw this beautiful old chair in a story shared by Photographer Jaimie Beck while out in the markets of France and it captured my heart and made me think of how wonderful it would be to be seated in this chair with a friend next to a cozy fireplace with some cherished postcards hanging from the wall, this time of the year. These quiet moments are magical and it warms up my heart dreaming about them. I hope this piece brings a smile to your face as well."

-Taarini Goyal

About the artist:

I am creative by nature, entrepreneurial by mindset and passionate about education and its role in society. Trained as a designer in my undergraduate studies, I am using design thinking as a tool for delivering holistic 21st century education in my hometown of Meerut by leading a K12 institute - Brainz Edu World. When I’m not at work you can find me trying to capture the myriad shades of the sky or painting my inspiration of the day or curled up with a well-thumbed copy of some fantasy fiction or engaged in intense discussions about Star Wars. You can find me on Instagram @taarinigoyal or Medium.

About the poet:

Supriya Char makes up ads for a living, jokes for some laughter and stories for some peace. You can follow her at @restlesswriterperson on Instagram.


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