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Niharika Basoae's Natural 36 Days of Type project

"This series of the alphabet was my first attempt at the 36 Days of Type Project on Instagram. I believe that typography is a very interesting way of playing with existing letters and numbers; it's almost like having characteristics of a person revealed. I wanted my series to be personal as well. 

During my travels, I pick up leaves, twigs, seeds, and shells among other wandering things to keep as souvenirs and tokens of memory. This process is therapeutic to me. Over the years, I have plenty of these collected in my notebooks and tin boxes. I decided to revisit and share them with an audience recently.

Every time I see these pieces, there is a sort of form finding I do, and therefore the letterforms naturally follow in my mind. While I had to plan and place these different elements together to form cohesive letters, the possibilities with these organic forms are abundant. It is like designing pieces of your own puzzle each time. I enjoy how unpredictable making each letterform can be because of the peculiarity of these gifts from nature."


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