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Of Winter and My Heart by Bhavya Singh

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Art by Alfred Sisley

The days are now shorter

The skies darker

The cycle commences

The end of a season

The start of a new one.

The sun rises

but only in a shy manner

The heat sticks

but timidly.

I feel the wind rushing,

the snow falling.

The icy blast of wind

rushes through my veins.

The sun falls now

So does the hope in my heart.

But I see the dew sticking to the leaves.

And so I decide,

to let hope stick to my heart.

For the ice does melt,

the sun rises again,

and this cold, icy world

does turn warm,

even though briefly.

About the poet:

I am Bhavya Singh, 15 years old. I love to read and write. I have also written a book and regularly write blogs. On a winter day, I can be found in complete denial of the fact that it is cold.

Instagram : @kaunbhavya and @bookswithbhavya


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