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On Winters by Gargi Samanta

Artwork by Mohita Garg

On Winters

on winters, i want to write about love

one that creeps softly between my toes

settles under my skin, makes mosaics with slanting rays

on winters, i want to write of words without a name,

of feelings and phosphenes taking the shape of dried aamloki popped

intermittently, between reading lines and reading between the lines

of that time when you said that this city with its peeling wall paint and baring bricks

are not the same as baring your soul without trepidation under a sky with lost stars

and constellations that i found drawn on the back of a book with yellowing pages or

was it a map?

on winters, i want to go looking for an address in a lane where bright shimul flowers

sprawl with their radiance on Dol, i want to tuck their remembrances between

the folds of the saree i wore that one time while our fingers danced like fireflies

on winters, i revisit old songs and perfumes to snatch a few whirlwinds and embers of

old flames and old habits that I want to discard

without a trace on some days when winter seeps in through the cracks of my forlorn mornings i wonder

if at all my silence has its own manuscript, if it is a language that you can feel before you

read, or by then i would have lost the will to translate

on winters, i think of fruit cakes and the cracked spines of old books with spotted pages i wanted to write about love and yet

look at what i ended up writing about instead

About the poet:

Gargi Samanta is an editor at Orient BlackSwan, based in Hyderabad. While her profession keeps her on her toes, she finds languid moments to devote to her many flighty interests, one of them being poetry. She writes in English, and sometimes in Bengali, about insignificant moments and abrupt fancies that are mostly overlooked in everyday life. You can find her on Instagram @the_procrastinating_wallflower and @nuts.and.crochets

About the artist:

Mohita Garg is a creative enthusiast and fashion stylist by profession. She has explored various styles through different materials and mediums and she is always on the lookout to try something new. Self-taught, Mohita began painting as a means of dealing with her inner turmoil caused by a near death experience. Her art reflects her dreams, her appreciation for the ordinary and her struggles and hopes. Art to her is conversation with the self. You can find her on Instagram


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