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Ordinary Poem by Pavithra Kumar

Art by Childe Hassam

Ordinary poem

It is the most boring time of day.

I sit by my warm desk,

half sheltered by the unmoving curtains,

and try to open a book,

without rubbing my eyes dry.

I can't find a sound to respond to,

not a movement to follow through,

not a person, not a dog,

everyone seems to be away from this hour.

I don't know what else I expected to do,

but I can't stay still anymore.

I flip the pages,

I open the curtains,

I jump out the window,

and land on warm grass.

I don't know what else I was expected to do,

so I lay there half sheltered,

by the extended roof of my home,

and look up at the leaves that bordered my vision.

A bird flies by and sits at the corner of my roof.

My shelter extends,

and I give in to the afternoon.

-how can children bear siestas?

Pavithra was born in Calicut and raised in Bangalore and Bombay. She took up sciences in 11th and 12th with the goal of doing pure sciences and research for her undergrad, but little went according to plan. She decided to take up a liberal education for her undergrad and graduated with a major in filmmaking and minor in creative writing from Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology. Post college, she worked with a few production houses as an assistant writer and assistant director, and now hopes to be a screenwriter. She strongly believes that there is no end to learning and no dearth of knowledge, it is what we seek and how we seek it, that defines our journey and in turn ourselves. 


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