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Paigham by Swajan Ghosh

Artwork by Song Yuanwen


Winter climbs on my window sill,

in half clad leaves of a chestnut tree.

On a desolate December evening,

snow riled up on the paint

breathing mahogany, breathtakingly quaint.

The gush of sleet

in the wake of November rain,

bleeding over my glass window pane

has carefully rampaged over my careless whispers,

'winter knows your name'.

Brought down in a shudder

the last flutter of the Fall,

has hanging photographs, coming off the wall.

Them bare spaces smeared

with forgotten love, over time

unfurled on magazines, envelopes

and disfigured reneges of mine.

About the poet:

Swajan Ghosh is a 21 year old dreamer based in Kolkata. He is very passionate about writing monologues, poetry, football, cooking and almost everything apart from the engineering degree he's pursing. He can be reached at Instagram at @almawt___ or on All Poetry.


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