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Parents at Fifty by Debarshi Mitra

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Photo by Marc A.Sporys

That is when they begin

to drift away to other places

perhaps thinking of a friend

who died ‘untimely’ ,

leaving them to ponder

not so much on

the loss of a person

but that old, primal mechanism

that turns all that lives into dust.

Sometimes I catch them

out of place in a verandah

and I want to tell them that

this is the way it has always been

flesh and bones returning to earth

the same way that the cat next door

returns to its spot

after a day of wandering,

but I stop short knowing

that one day I too shall be there

on the brink of that raging sea

and I too shall be stripped of words,

waiting to share the fate

of those before me,

to seek congruence

in their passing.

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