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Poetry Month: LINES

"once I caught a man

stealing food

from my bag so

I gave him

all the food

I was carrying

baba told me once

that hunger can

blur the line between

right and wrong quite easily."


"The more we observe nature,

we find that everything is mortal and everything is contained in a skeleton, a grammar, a law.

The river, the creatures, the trees - all of us exist,

simply because we are held closely

by gravity, and by our very own splendidly ageing body and soul.

We are part sky, part earth,

divided by an illusionary horizon line.

And we need these lines,

even the borders we like making up of cities, countries, communities.

Because these are the limits that contain us, and yet

let us soar - like the kite dancing up high in the wind only because it is safely harboured by a string.

Otherwise the sky would spill into the earth and the earth into the sky. We would all ooze into each other and dissolve our structures, and our selves.

And everything would be one big ball of mess.

And we are not ready

for that kind of united mess

yet, I think."


"For me to stay here/ And for you to cross and leave/ This line and its torn geometry"



Timelines by Rohini Kejriwal (me)

In the time it took me

To write these lines

Over 250 babies were born,

A 109 people died,

And 3 others took their own life.

I touched my face 0 times.

Multiple orgasms were had


My heart beat 72 times,

My body shed 30,000 skin cells,

While the universe expanded forever.

In the time it took me

To write these lines

Another poem was born inside.



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