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Poetry Month: SUDDENLY


A poem does not come to you suddenly

It takes months and millenniums

For an idea to ferment inside you

Ages, for thousands of experiences to amalgamate

And become a slow dripping pot of nectar.

You know what's sudden about a poem?

An empty room, a hill top

Lakeshore and balconies

The 9th shot of vodka your 3rd glass of whisky

4 am's and heartbreak

Incidents are sudden

Incidents that spill fermenting barrels

Drowning your innards in aging lager

Incidents that squeeze your gut

Till the nectar gushes out of you like water

And then thickens it to blood and hurt

Until it forms a ball of darkness

That sucks whatever is left in you

Rhyme, rhythm and synonyms

That's when you must pass out

and fall in it face first

The poems then takes you

like a memory foam and beach sand

That's how every poem differs

When you spell it you taste it

Some are bubbly and short lived

Sweet tasting salt meadows

The intoxicating are bitter one's

Less nectar more darkness

Then suddenly it hits you

There must have been a person in here


Suddenly, the world has become a burial ground,

bidding solemn goodbyes to the ones dear and fond.

All the material possessions mattered no more.

The brunt of the reality, our hearts bore.

Turning to love, affection and care,

we realise, all the while we weren't fair.

While taking things for granted,

we didn't realise, our humanity being slaughtered.

The world's filled with fear, anxiety and dread.

Hearts once strong and impregnable having tears shed.

With everything at stake,

it's high time we awake



And suddenly everything

felt a little lighter

when I started to love

myself a little better

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