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Poetry Month: UNSOLVED

Can you ever find a safe place

while you're running away

from your own mind?


Wandering as a child

Wanting to climb the speaking tree

Waving my hand to the army

Hoping, I'll set the world free

Looking at the sky

Imagining a mighty star

And the moon I'll land on

Assuming, it's not so far

Thought I'd be a savior

Touching stetho for the first time

Listening to people's hearts

To notice how heartbeats rhyme

What if I could teach?

Filling students with burning desire

Or I could be the one

Who fights with raging fire

You can be all of them

"Be an actor", someone said

Or write stories of the world

You can be its master instead

What I really want?

What this question of passion is called?

With more variables than constants

This equation remains unsolved.



We're  lost, lost in the riddle,

A riddle which has no middle.

You and I are alone together in this warship 

Stranded and wrecked in this agony,

Only to whip our hearts to survive his lordship.

You and I have been duped,

Duped from the idiosyncratic questions unresolved.

Are we even privileged to witness the day fade into the night,

An act that shoved you and I to death

And shook us in one sight.

Have you and I ever gone to bed without fear,

Fear of diving into the shallowness of communal riots,

For you and I have known it's nothing less than rare.

What have I done too bad? 

Too bad, my countrymen to be tamed to death,

For you and I archived emotions unsolved.

You mustn't force upon ourselves thy unholy dream

As you command to clap off our griefs,

We're losing the steam!

Steam of strength and belief.

You and I play the dirty game of hope

Hope of countryhood but grapple,

You'd demand a thousand candles to your applause.

But, are you and I humbly awed with this gruby fable.

Rub off your grim against the snow,

Only to find the dirt in your clause.

We're sleeping it off and letting it go astray,

We're sipping herbal tea, only if it could soothe 

Where can we be safe, I appeal to you.

Is this less gruesome than this pandemic?

Only to clap off the minorities shrill. 

Is there any good in this stillness, only to find that our mind isn't still.

I demand on behalf of the countrymen

Some questions have been unanswered,

And some mysteries unresolved.

I'd love to go to bed everyday,

Only to dream love, bread and equality.

I command, thou majesty 

To unriddle and to unsolve.

Draft you a constitution of morals, I'd like 

Deliver preachings of the fifth grade moral science

If you'd allow me, 

To Revive the country's right, I'd like.


Family is a crowded word which seems at home in old photo albums and awkward phone calls, until you fall back and discover it’s disorderly love.

No one tries to point out flaws anymore just to murder the silence in the room. We have learnt to have our teas and the beautiful sunset without a side of the gory news updates.

I could not remember this happening often. But we didn’t stay back to know better often and chaos didn’t make so much sense often.

The stars all didn’t twinkle together often. It took a pandemic.



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