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Pseudo -love by Irtika Kazi

Art by Rohan Rathod

Pseudo- love

A month after you decided

I was not enough docile

For your insinuations

I was a doggerel in your hand. How

mellow is the heart of a woman waiting

for Love to take charge—

all of it made sense, signs

of a passade.

You passing the chalice to parched lips

And me in sheer silks


All of it rolls down my cheek

As if it never was.

“darling, you're priceless”

was your jingle,

All you but ever thought I was

A twofer.

From Irtika's poetry collection Stormbound, released by Arjun Rajendran at the Quarantine Train collective. Artwork by Rohan Rathod


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