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Quarantine Art: Deepikah Rahul Bhardwaj

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Balcony Series

Mixed media on 200 gsm A5 acid free paper 

This is a series of abstracts exploring what is happening outside our balconies while we are locked down during the pandemic. The internal and external chaos of being in mortal danger, a low level stress that is perpetually part of our lives now coupled with the migrant workers' crisis, the arrests of anti CAA protestors and activists; there is way too much going on in the world to make paintings that make compositional sense, hence this series is all over the place. 

Balloon and Baby

Mixed media on Cardboard

Kids are oblivious to the impending doom, they live in the now. Their internal world is so colourful and magical. It is full of possibility and hope that most adults lose. This painting is about that moment of innocence, creativity and pure enjoyment. This is about being in the "now". 


Mixed Media On Paper

In the UNLOCK 1.0 kitty party, some people are wearing masks and some are not. Those who are are being watched by those who aren't. What is this irritation? Why do you think you need to live? Why do you need a mask? Just drink gau mutra like the rest of us. 

Autie Josephine and Auntie Souza

Mixed Media On Paper

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