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Remember When - A Souvenir Series

"The uncertainty of 2020 has been rough on all of us, and amidst the entropy that engulfs us, we’ve found it hard to channel our emotions in productive ways. And while everybody is talking about adapting to the new normal, our hearts lie secretly tied to the sweet memories we’ve made over the years. And like all others, we’ve also found ourselves scrolling through our phone galleries, reminiscing the times in an attempt to relive them.

The project burgeoned as a response to our seclusion and ambivalence, with a goal to add hope and colour to our postcards from isolation. The photographs are a recollection of our travels from the yesteryears, inspiring us to be ever more grateful.

A classic means of dialogue, the postcards add a sense of personal touch to our all-pervasive digital presence, heightened by the (physical) distance. The pictures might appear mundane at a glance, but each is embedded with a whimsical narrative of its own, allowing imagination to flow as it may. In ways more than one, the project acted as an escape from the realities of the day, a place to kindle the creativity and embrace the glory in curiosity.

Working together but separately came with its challenges. Google Drive became our notebook and FaceTime, the discussion room. We brainstormed for a major part of the timeline, trying to find ways of reviving the indelible times, not only for us but for anyone who takes a chance at making these postcards theirs. Experimentations with new mediums paved for an augmented experience, enhancing the journey through our very phone screens. Quite befitting, to say.

As our first virtual collaboration, ‘Remember When’ is very close to our heart. To see our photographs come to life on our phone screens was very fulfilling and we hope that this souvenir series proves to be equally gratifying for you as well."

-Alpana Devarkonda and Suhani Nawalkha

Designers: Alpana Devarkonda, Suhani Nawalkha

Extra credit: Photographer - Saahil Nawalkha

Location: Mumbai, India

Check out the full series on Behance


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