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Restless by Manish Kukreja

Art by Shuchi Satyavanshi


The absence of souls in proximity is drowning,

The drought of sounds in vicinage left wrenched,

The consistence of those I hear is vicious,

The machines and their friction are the only sounds left,

Nights, I can feel the rather fade in voice;

The only Human one, the one in my head,

Quarter asleep, I start thinking about them;

The few people I thought, I'd always care,

On its limits already, my body begs to sleep,

Done counting, I've counted a millennia of sheep,

Uncertain it is will I be able to sleep or what,

But certainly, I'll kill the next budding thought,

Now I've started feeling the time in its motion,

The only sound left now are the machines and their friction.

About the poet:

Manish Kukreja is a Mechanical Engineer by profession from Indore, India. While not being a professional poet, he took this as a hobby during his long working hours at his job. His poem, Restless was inspired by one such 16 hour shift and the restlessness that followed, which not unique to him can be related to by many engineers and factory workers. His first poem, Prodigy, was inspired by that little child in all of us, marketed by our superheroes that we can be whatever we want to be and change the world for good, during every single day of our existence.

About the artist:

Shuchi's paintings refer to a woman who is chaotic, and vulnerable in her own self; naked because there is no layering in her thoughts, giving the viewer an unsettling experience. She makes works when she feels depressed, allowing the plethora of emotions she encounters to inadvertently becomes the concept of her paintings. She fills her paintings with the things people go through - the struggle, extreme emotions, and how you look normal but have ample amount of pain inside. She hopes to create awareness about mental illness through her work. Follow her on Instagram @shuchi.satyavanshi

1 Comment

Dec 20, 2021

Beautiful work by both the artists!! KEEP IT FLOWING!! :)

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