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Resurrection by Srijan D

Photograph by Danny Lyon

last night i died in my dreams

and it was beautiful. i remember

shattering into a million pieces

through space and time, every

inch of my being metamorphosing

into wonder. my heart was found

a million years later at the core of

the earth; it had hardened into a

brilliant diamond that no one could

break, not all the weight of the world

would even dare try. my fingers had

become mountains on earth, each

one of them holy and inhabited by

gods of small things like ferns and

caterpillars and paper and the

beginnings of mighty rivers. my

ribs dammed the flow of the amazon,

and the nile, all the water mixed with

the fury of my blood and my tears

erased entire nations off the face

of the earth, leaving no corporation

time to build golden arks and severance

packages. my eyes became lenses in

the sky and the sun shone through

them into all dark places, houses

and churches and hearts and park

benches and therapy clinics.

and my mind, i do not know where it

went, but a million years later someone

pointed an antenna to a star and heard

a poem and called it an anomaly,

which they noted down on a crumpled

piece of paper kept safe in their pocket.

i went supernova, and that was when

i finally found love.

Srijan is a poet and screenwriter based in Mumbai. Writing in both Hindi and English, he derives his inspiration from themes of love, relationships and mental health among others. Follow him on Instagram.

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