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Rohini Kejriwal x Baidehi Roy

Updated: May 24, 2021

Illustrator Baidehi Roy visually interprets three poems written by Rohini Kejriwal:


I am learning from daily disappointments.

Burnt rice,

Trees emerging from potatoes,

Piles of unwashed clothes,

Gathering that funky wet dog smell.

I ask myself the difference between being gentle and fragile.

I do not find what I’m looking for.

I ask the seeds I planted four days ago,

They tell me to be patient.

I ask my mother for an answer,

She cannot comprehend the question.

I ask my journal to show me the way,

I write VULNERABILITY 25 times on the page.

I try to be fragile.

I shatter inside.

I try to be gentle.

It feels alright.

Crown Shyness

I am learning to live

without your touch

the way many species of trees do.

I look up

at the leaves that talk

almost touching,

but not quite.

I stare, awestruck

at nature’s jigsaw puzzle

the perfect distance

maintained between the pieces.

Perhaps a gentle breeze

will sway me towards you,

the canopy shall come alive

for two lovers to gently touch,



The timeline of the world will be divided

Into the Present and the Future

For practicality’s sake.

You will be given 24 hours

To go back into the Past,

Tell your loved ones you love them,

Visit your childhood home.

Speak to your dead father,

Tell him everything you never did,

Say goodbye to yourself,

Before the new world begins.

When the stars realign,

The clock will be reset.

Yesterday, a lost notion

From a distant universe.


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