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Rong E Ray by Shreya Roy Chowdhury

"The series Rong E Ray is about all the strong women characters featured by Satyajit Ray in his movies. It's about women through their daily lives. We get to see Charulata, Bijoya, Bimala, Durga, Arati and Duley in every woman. We see such strong modern women standing up for themselves everyday. This is to empower women and to have more such poetic, modern, upfront, strong women personalities in this world. Hence this is about all those women who are lost but still strong and beautiful in their own ways.

I felt like making something on Satyajit Ray because as a Bengali, he inspires me a lot. And these days, women are fighting so much for good, which led me to make this series. Ray had always featured strong women and I have always loved them. So this can also be called a tribute to all the women out there, struggling for good."

-Shreya Roy Chowdhury

Charulata, 1964

Bimala, Ghare Baire, 1984

Durga, Pather Panchali, 1955

Arati, Mahanagar, 1963

Duley, Aranyer Dinratri, 1970

Dayamoyee, Devi, 1960

Shreya Roy Chowdhury is a 25-year-old Architect turned Graphic Designer/Visual artist. She has always found inspiration in people's smiles and tears and in colours. She has been working in Calcutta for years now and somehow hopes to fly away to an unknown place someday. Also, lemons and birds make her happy. Check out her blog and Instagram.


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