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Room in Palampur by Supriya Dhaliwal

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Art by Edward Hopper

Room in Palampur

It was a bit like entering the wrong room in my dream, where I saw you knitting as you sat on the same bed as the woman with a neat bob who was talking on the phone.

It could have been an Edward Hopper painting but I recognised the sheets & the angles at which the light reflected in that room. In the same dream, I watched you sit with my mother as you checked your email, updated your Facebook friends with the misdoings of the government etc. On waking up, I shouted to ask my mother if you were still in the house, only to realise that I had woken up in a different house, in a different country, thousands of miles away from you & my mother, where

the sheets are new & the light does not bounce back at familiar angles.

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