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Sahithi Shalu

Updated: May 11, 2019

Stuck to the bed for last 12 hours, I notice it's now dark and pouring outside. A peek at my notification bar tells me it's 2:04 AM. I hate the sound of rain drops against the metal window roof. Tap pch tap pch pch tap. I have an existential crisis and end up watching Shirkers and it makes me do what I hate the most: Think. Yes, it was unfortunate that the girls couldn't turn the tapes that they made into a movie for 20 years but I am jealous that neither my friends nor I did something iconic. I then aimlessly scroll through phone feed for several million bits of time for ideas to improve my life. The Internet is full of advices and is overwhelming. I need a way out of this spiral down. "You can draw and calm down, may be," I say to myself. "Sure?" "Yes." I finish a drawing with a spike of energy and end up feeling good until a next 2:04 AM moment strikes.

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