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Sarhad Ke Uss Paar by Arushi Thapar

Artwork: Solitaire by Balthus

You joke about my history

Because I know it means nothing to you.

But how do I make you understand that we

Are all products of our ancestors

And not just their genes

But their culture

Their monuments.

I have a piece of Ravi

Surging through my veins

That my great grandfather crossed

The ensuing massacre

He was spared from

But the pain of losing his home

Still makes a dwelling inside of me.

You can laugh at my history

Of blood and gore

And call it nothing

But it still rises inside me

When no one's looking.

When I tell you about my history

Tal and Talwali their language

You say to me

"That's a funny name."

And my bones twist at your ignorance

Of my heritage

That reeks of only memories

From the other side of the border.

And I tell you again

To laugh at my history

While I gather the remnants of it

To keep them safe.

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