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Scent of a Woman making her Way Through Life by Priyanka Menon

Art by Jai Ranjit

night is when the ghosts come out

to play with the hours you clocked in

basking in the sun imagining ways

to overcome the fear that will box you in

from the sides you wish you could build

stepladders out of. the shadows on the wall

appear thicker and darker, like the confines

you narrowly escaped from only to find memories,

dry and stale, giving off a stench that used to smell

of the perfume you once wore.

the discarded bottle sits in the trash along with

the years spent walking down aisles looking for

similar scents.

the perfume i wear now smells of the time i've spent

building doorways out of the box, and strangely, of

sunlight and shadows on freshly mowed grass –

like customised petrichor.


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